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St. Catherine's Market - Mühlen i.T./Molini di Tures

19 Nov 2016

Saint Catherine's market: a special occasion to enjoy country atmosphere!

Kids Snow Day

17 Dec 2016

The "Kids Snow Day" - open doors for children from 6-12 years in the South Tyrolean Ski arenas

Klausberg International Ice Games 2017

08 Jan - 13 Jan 2017

Sculptures made of snow at 2500 m!

SkiAlpRace Ahrntal

14 Jan - 15 Jan 2017

On 8th of January 2017 the 9th Ski-Alp-Race has chosen once again the Ahrntal Valley

100 kg Ski touring race Ahrntal

02 Mar 2017

100 kg Ski touring race Ahrntal-Valle Aurina

When music plays on the slopes - Klausberg

27 Mar - 01 Apr 2017

A special highlight for all music lovers!

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