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Summer festival of the fire brigade

30 Jul - 31 Jul 2016

Summer festival of the fire brigade San Giovanni-St. Johann

15th Expo Valle Aurina-Ahrntal

22 Jul - 05 Aug 2016

Exhibition of the handicraft and art

Music Festival

06 Aug - 07 Aug 2016

Music Festival in San Giovanni-St. Johann

Midsummer festival in Sand i.T./Campo Tures

14 Aug - 15 Aug 2016

Evening concert, brunch, dancing to waltz rhythms, ambitious music bands, and at midday: the big parade!

Street Kitchen in Sand i.T./Campo Tures

05 Jul - 23 Aug 2016

The street kitchen is once again the meeting place for lovers of good food and entertainment in the fresh air.

Hand made fresh cheese - shown by Michael

27 Jun - 19 Sep 2016

Michael Steiner shows how to make cream cheese and to refine it with just collected fresh herbs!

From milk to yogurt - with Rita

14 Jul - 22 Sep 2016

The farmer's wife Rita reveals how to make yogurt and ricotta and refine it with fruits and marmalade

Cheese safari in Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini

06 Jul - 28 Sep 2016

The tour guide Georg accompanies the hikers at the pleasure tour to the cheese producing farms!

The Ahrntal Grey Cheese: a look behind the scenes

07 Jul - 29 Sep 2016

At the Mittermairhof farm the farmer's wife reveals the secret of grey cheese and she shows its preparation.

Return of the animals

15 Oct - 16 Oct 2016

Magnificently adorned pasture cattle, shepherds, and musicians ... That's the Reiner Almabtrieb!

St. Catherine's Market - Mühlen i.T./Molini di Tures

19 Nov 2016

Saint Catherine's market: a special occasion to enjoy country atmosphere!

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